Collage It Right

Who doesn't love an art collage, right? They have been around for centuries, grouped together in every which way, without worrying about matching it's subject matter to the room decor. We still feel strongly about this notion. Art does not need to match the room, but rather the owner's personality. Buying art should be exciting and a collective effort over all. Art should speak to you versus choosing it because of the colours.


Now a days, you can buy all sorts of wall templates to help aid you in the "perfect" collage. Is this necessary to follow one of the handy templates? Sure, if you need a guideline, but have more confidence than that. Start by arranging the photos on the floor first, and see how you like the arrangement to flow. If you have ever seen us do this, you will realize it takes time to figure out the best arrangement. After you have found your favorite configuration, start with the centre picture and work your way out. Personally, we feel eyeballing it works well if you are going for a more casual, scattered look. If you prefer a more linear look, definitely take out that measuring tape.

An Interior Works collage




An Inspired Room: Industrial Greys

It's no surprise that grey has had the sustaining power of beige and taupe. It's not going anywhere, anytime soon. It has a classic element with an edgy appeal. Warm greys tend to be more for the traditionalist, while cool greys are more for the modern sort. In our "An Inspired Room", we have paired warmer greys with warm wood tones and industrial clad accessories. To keep it simple, we went to one store, Crate and Barrel to find what we were looking for to create this look.


Tired Lakeside Home Gets A Major Renovation

One of our long time clients decided to purchase their dream home, along side Lake Ontario, with views stretching to the Toronto shore line. Although the views were stunning, the interior lacked the same flare. It was tired, dated and in need of some major TLC. With the help of Paul Fittler, his crew and our team at Interior Works, we turned this drab lakeside home into a place that truly feels like a vacation home.


How To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Space

As soon as the warm weather hits, everyone is anxious to spend time outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. Homeowners are maximizing their time spent outside by creating fabulous, outdoor living spaces. This trend began in 2010 and continues to gain popularity as people invest in their backyards. These spaces can range from covered porches, to outdoor patio sets, to kitchens and even outdoor televisions! If you don't want to break the bank, try a few of these tips to create your own backyard oasis.

1) Brighten up your deck with an outdoor rug and a few toss cushions

2) Recycle some old furniture from inside or from a second hand store. 
Paint it your favourite colour of summer and voila!

3) Add a few planted pots to bring the outdoors right into your space!

4) A couple lanterns will really set the mood on a summer night.

5) If you have a dark, covered porch or small space... 
reflect some of that light with a large mirror.


Go BOLD! 2013 Colour Trends

Bold colours aren't just hitting the runways this spring, they are being splashed on walls, draped across windows and tossed on couches and chairs. We are loving these bright colours and patterns after the long, grey winter. If you want to liven up your home with a few accents, try Pantone's Colour of the year,Emerald. A few toss cushions can really brighten a room.


Emerald green isn't your colour? Try another one of these 2013 favourites...

 Lemon Zest and Monaco Blue


Poppy Red


The CAMBRIA Difference: Why quartz?

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom and looking for a stone counter surface? Consider choosing Cambria quartz! Quartz is a natural mineral that is ground down and mixed together with resins to form a hard surface. Cambria is known for the quality of their product, which is made up of 93% pure quartz, opposed to granite which is generally 40 to 60%. The high concentration of quartz creates a product that is non-porous and maintenance free, so you don't need to worry about those red wine spills. Quartz is even durable against surface scratches and damage and does not require any sealant. Better yet, Cambria carries over 100 different designs that share the same price! This family owned company, is also committed to sustainable practices in their manufacturing process. 

Would you like to know more about quartz? Check out Cambria, our favourite quartz company's website or come in and take a look at some of our samples.

Take a look at how we used Cambria's "White Hall" in one of our projects...

Here are a couple more of our favourites:


                                                  CAMBRIAN BLACK



Stijle: A New Look At Cabinetry and Paneling

As a design firm, we are always trying to stay hot and trendy with our products and style! Stijle is a new product that we think is pretty darn cool! Not only do they have a bunch of different high gloss cabinet styles, but they are also introducing some nifty paneling options for any application! The top three on our list that can be used on walls, door panels or any cabinetry need...

Cabinetry doesn't have to be smooth and classic! There are many ways to change the look for the cabinetry without re-inventing the wheel! Kinda neat, right?


Reflecting On 2012

Happy New Year! We are back in the office and working away at new designs and cabinetry that were pushed over to the beginning of 2013. You know how it goes; in the last few weeks before the holidays, the ever so famous line, "let's look at doing that in the new year" gets used an awful lot. Enough that on returning to the office, we are in the an upswing. Lots of designs swirling about around here! It's always an exciting time for us to get into new projects.

But before our heads get too deep into 2013, we would like to reflect on some of the projects that we completed last year! As always, we love our clients and the opportunity they give us to transform their homes. Check out some of our proudest moments of 2012.