It’s all around us these days.  We have endured another week of winter and its snowfalls, and you’ve probably had enough of it, but it looks like we will be seeing a lot more of it throughout the year. I’m not referring to the snow – but rather the colour and texture of “white”. Have you noticed that when an object is white, the subject matter itself becomes more prominent – our tactile signals intensify.  One is aware of its shape, form, texture and pattern.  It makes you want to touch it, not just look at it.

Every day there are new ideas and concepts to create better, more livable spaces and white is everywhere;  not only in modern spaces, but through retro to contemporary,  transitional and traditional décor.  The beauty of white is that it transcends across the design world into everything with elegance and impact.At the IDS (Interior Design Show) in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, we saw much evidence of this.  There were a number of items, such as this wall mount kitchen faucet from  .  There were many stainless steel and chrome fixtures, but this one stood out from the others…


How about this Miele double oven combo.  Gasp!  It’s white!  You just ditched your white appliances a year ago for the new stainless steel models.  Fridges, ranges, hood vents – all newly available in white.  Just as the style magazines are calling grey the new neutral, and blue the new black, now white is the new stainless!


In addition to the ever popular white kitchens on display, were the white glass front appliances, wall coverings, wall sconces, chandeliers, onyx sinks, artwork, kitchen sinks, accessories, small appliances, cabinetry, hardware, tiles, solid surfaces and counter tops.  It’s easy to take the colour white for granted because it has always been there, so IDS 2014 showed us where it is and where it is going.

White. It’s not a colour, but it is a colour.  It can be warm. It is fresh.  It can create a footprint, and in art it can represent negative space.  White is every colour of the spectrum.  We see it throughout history and in our daily lives, in the natural world, in art, fashion and in interior design.  It is the colour which can be seen in any light….

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